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Mole Removal Techniques

Moles can occur in parts of our body that we can cover with clothes, as well as in parts such as our face, arm, hand or, leg. These moles may be small or large structurally, rare or frequent in distribution. When moles are rare and small, they usually don’t cause problems, and most people don’t bother with them, but large and frequent moles are usually annoying. There are several mole removal techniques that can solve this problem.

What is the mole?

Moles are formed by the placement of cells that give color to the skin in a different way than normal. The important factor in the formation of the mole is the familial transmission. Moles can be seen more commonly in those with fair skin and blue or green eyes, those with yellow or red hair, people with a tendency to freckle, and skin types that can burn easily in the sun.

Treatment methods

Most of the moles are harmless, and they don’t require treatment. You should consider surgical mole removal if your mole is a suspected melanoma, or if it is bothersome, such as if you find shaving difficult, or it gets snagged in clothing. There are mainly two ways to remove your mole.

  1. You may try the shave excision method that the area around the mole is numbed, a small blade is used to cut around and under the mole. This technique is commonly used for small moles, and it isn’t needed stitches.
  2. The other technique is excisional surgery or excision biopsy that the mole plus a surrounding margin of healthy skin is cut out using a scalpel or a punch device. This method requires stitches.

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