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Genital Skin Tags

Skin tags, the acrochordons which are occurred by the irregular gathering of blood vessels in the body. Skin tags are seen in 25% of adults and are mostly believed that they are not dangerous to human health. Skin tags can be seen in adults, old people and also babies. Almost every part of the human body may breed skin tags. Most skin tags are seen at the body’s back and the face, but some others, especially genital skin tags can also be seen in some individuals.

Most people are okay with their skin tags if they occur in low density. Moderate sized skin tags are generally thought that they are not a burden to people’s life. But some skin tags, bigger in size and located on a visible area of the body may be a nightmare to the individual. Genital skin tags are rare, but they are seen in high numbers on some people.

What Causes Genital Skin Tags?

There is generally no difference between a skin tag on a face or on a genital. Because there is still no certain finding of what causes skin tags in general. Blood cells simply merge together and create skin tags.” What size a skin tag will get, how many skin tags will occur, where will they occur and what colour will they have ” are also some of the questions that still remain unanswered.

Should I Remove My Genital Skin Tags?

Removing skin tags are not a must. Since they don’t endanger human health, the doctors say if the person is okay with them, then it’s better to leave them alone. Every single incision in your body may cause infection after all.

However, if the number of the skin tags on your genital is so high which may affect your sexual life, or reduce your self-esteem in terms of appearance or shape, then you should find a good surgeon and build your skin tag removal plan with him/her.

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