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Spot Pens for Mole Removal

Not all people are okay with any type of invasive medical procedures. Aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic surgeries may make people be afraid of them because most of them are invasive. Even a slight procedure like mole removal is feared by some people because it involves the surgical removal of the moles. However, just like all the other aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic procedures, mole removal procedures have also its non-invasive variations. This is why people consider getting spot pens for mole removal.

There are several types of spot pens or mole removal pens for certain types of moles, freckles, and skin tags. People generally do not prefer using spot pens for their freckles. You need to have a bigger mole to use your spot pen to remove it. Your mole removal job at home may take longer than expected depending on the size and the structure of your mole.

You can set its setting based on the size of your mole. The higher you set, the stronger shots your pen performs. However, it is not wise to use spot pens for cancerous mole removal. It is actually dangerous because you can’t be so sure about the roots of your cancerous mole. You should know that a cancerous cell can completely regenerate itself if you fail to remove it completely. Even a single cell can revive the exact form of your cancerous if you can’t remove it perfectly. So it is always best for you to leave such moles to a real mole removal surgeon.

Since there are many types of spot pens, you need to know which one is the best against your moles. You can ask your dermatologist for a proper spot pen. There are also videos on internet that show how a mole is removed by using a spot pen.

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