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Harmless Moles

Most of the moles on peoples’ bodies are harmless moles. Skin tags, beauty spots, moles, and freckles are mostly formed by healthy blood cells. They do not threaten body health but since they’re too fragile, they may bleed without your knowledge. You may not even know how bleeding occurred on your moles.

There are millions of mole types in the body. Their shape, size, location, and overall appearance may be different. Harmless moles are mostly little ones, meaning that they are not big in size and their shape does not invade too much room on your skin. Some moles may have thin connective tissue, that’s actually the reason why they take damage so easily and bleed.

Many people are okay with the harmless moles on their bodies because most of them are not big and do not trouble people’s lives. However, no matter how harmless their moles are, some people are just not okay with their moles and may want to get them removed.

Mole can surgically be removed with simple medical procedures. Mole removal surgery is quite simple and easy to perform. However, there may be possible scars after mole removal surgery depending on several factors:

  • Mole size
  • Mole shape
  • Mole type ( formed by blood cells or cancer cells )
  • Mole location
  • Procedure type

Since harmless moles are not threat to body, they do not have to be removed. Most people want to get their moles removed because of aesthetic reasons. They want a life without their moles on their bodies. As for the post-surgery scars, most scars become less visible after a long time.

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