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Do’s and Don’ts after Mole Removal Surgery

Mole removal surgery is probably one of the easiest cosmetic procedures to perform and undergo. There are numerous types of moles that can be located in every area on your body. Most of the mole types are eligible for mole removal surgery. There are not so many eligibility requirements for mole removal surgery. If you do not have serious skin diseases or chronic diseases, you are probably considered eligible for it. Once you got your mole removal surgery, the real job starts after that. There are a couple of do’s and don’ts after mole removal surgery.

Moles can be removed with simple scalpel cuts after local anesthetics administration. The procedure is one of the simplest ever, however, many mole types generally leave a scar after the procedures. This may depend on the moles’ shape, size, color, and location.

Since it’s already an easy cosmetic procedure to perform, the actual job starts after it. You need to be extra careful during the post-surgery period. Your mole removal area should not be exposed to harmful chemicals, water, sunlight, even sweat.

Today’s surgeons may be able to prevent possible scars in some cases. Some scars can be less visible with additional aesthetic procedures. However, the best thing to do is to take care of your skin pretty well during the recovery. You should not temper with your mole removal area. Do not touch it with your hands, rather fingers or nails. You should not also try to remove the scabs on your skin.

Your scabs will fall on their own when they’re done with the healing process of your skin. If you suffer from severe itching, you can see your doctor ask for some prescription lotions, drugs, and creams. No matter what happens, you should not take products without your surgeon’s knowledge.

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